Friday, December 30, 2011

She's Back

Our Little Bit that is...she came home with me this afternoon. First though, we took a run to our local Publix.

Once inside Little Bit took control. I have had a smile on my face all afternoon. It isn't often we're separated for such a long period of time.

Her hair is a mess, but her Nana is correcting that problem as I write. Above, she's considering a selection of dairy products.

She has her favorite brand of bread ready for the cart.

All is again as it should be in my world.

Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year.


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Brain Freeze

I'm thinking, I swear I am...just can't seem to write this morning. All this New Year stuff has me in a fog.

Guess I could hang my new calenders.

Or, watch Atlas Shrugged, it arrived yesterday.

Or, Ronin again for the fifteenth time.

Or, read one of my new books.

Or not.

Business is very slow, or couldn't you tell.


Thanks & Welcome

To my new follower and friend, MSgtB, a fellow veteran and writer of My Muse Shaked Me. Master Sargent, please be advised I shall always, I promise, answer any comments you leave here. It might take me a few hours or even days if business gets in my way, but rest assured, I will reply.

I ask the rest of my friends to please trot over and give our new friend a wave and say hello.

Again, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.