Tuesday, December 25, 2012

They Shoot Horses Don't They

I'm six seconds from taking this laptop for a walk. When I have it outside I shall put it out of its misery with a well placed chunk of lead.

Its a Dell, and its less than two years old and cost me close to nine hundred dollars, new. Last night I sat it aside to run a quick errand and when next I hit the fire control the sucker gave me a beep code. Six beeps - processor failure. Now, it takes about twenty hits of the power button, on and off, to fire this sucker to life.

A quick search of the web informs me I need to trash it.

The sucker works fine once its fired and running.

So tell me, what brand of laptop do you recommend? I only use this critter when I'm home or on the road and do require wi-fi.  Any ideas...

p.s., if I fail to reply to your comments remember this computer is close to death. I shall reply from my office tomorrow morning.


Merry Christmas

On this blessed day, the birthday of our Savior, I wish each of you, a very Merry Christmas.