Thursday, April 12, 2012

E-booklets by Patrice

Patrice Lewis of Rural Revolution has her new booklets for sale.

If you are new to the world of home canning and survival homestead skills, these .PDF E-booklets are a valuable and affordable resource.

Please, take a few minutes and run over to Patrice's new website,, for further details. These booklets are printable; a handy item in the kitchen or the bedside table.

I plan to buy one of each for Sweet Wife.

Patrice will appreciate your business.

Above, three examples.

If you purchase the entire series let me know, I'll dance at your next wedding...really.


War of Northern Aggression

Want to see some fine pictures of the war of northern aggression? Then click, here.

They're some of the finest high quality pictures I've ever seen.

Some of you Yankees refer to it as the civil war...then again 'ya'll just don't know any better.



The Owls Sing

My clock tells me it's 0438 and I can hear the owls sing. I have a pot of tea set to boil. Hopefully, in a while, I'll hear the thud of my morning paper.

This would not be a good time for a critter to try and break into my home. I'd welcome it with a smile.