Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thousand Yard Coyote

So you think you're a good long distance shot, watch this video.




As you know I keep the foul language to a minimum on my blog. After all it's written for my grandchildren. Having said that, I'll excuse the one bad word (hear me Little Bit) in this video, because it's funny and I've been known to use the same book and language.

Get it....


Lifespan of Mountain House Foods

I just received an email. Read. 29 years, not bad.

No, not one penny....


For That Day

Let's face facts; it's possible the critter presently ensconced at the White House could get re-elected, really, don't hold your breath. If so he'll have nothing to lose when it comes to a push for laws on the ban of 'assault rifles' and other laws.

If so, you'll want a few of these. They're cheap and are excellent protection for your pricey equipment.

U.S. M865 120mm Cartridge Storage Can

For a nice post on this subject, run over to Notes From The Bunker.   


Rainy Day & Soup

I arrived at the shop this morning before sunrise. It's cool and rainy here today. Nice weather. For some unknown reason I want a  big pot of potato soup.

Think I'll use this recipe. This is from my sweet friend, The Kitchen Witch. She knows her Southern cooking, so run over and check her out. Tell her Stephen sent you....

For your information we in the South make a 'slap 'ya mama' potato soup. We add Cajun spices. So, you Yankees out there might want to read the recipe and reduce the heat - wouldn't to want harm you poor folks.

Post Scrip - I have yet to hear from the bozo that called and wanted to sell 'two guns.'  I wait with baited breath.