Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm still here. Sorry for the silence but I've been a very busy man. The 19th of this month I shall drive out of state and help move Little Bit's birth mother to the state of Florida. This move will give her full parental rights and joint custody of my grandchild. Little Bit needs a relationship with her mother.

I've been backed into a corner. I fight when I'm forced into corners, and now I have chosen a side.

I only write this as a note for Little Bit. Hopefully she will read this account of her Papa's life and understand.

I have secured an apartment. Made moves. Her school has been informed of changes, and after Little Bit's mother arrives she will sign papers and remove my son's wife from the 'drop-off' and after school 'pick-up' list. That is all the dirty laundry I wish to reveal on the subject. It isn't fair to you good people.

It's a damn shame but such is life. Thank you all for your very kind prayers. God bless you.