Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning

Quiet here at the office, just put a pot of coffee to brew. My plans today are simple; keep the shop closed and clean and re-organize my office. I have boxes to crush, the carpet needs to kiss and make up with the vacuum cleaner. Drop a bomb of Pine-Sol into the toilet and then dust my desk.

Exciting, isn't it.

Perhaps, if the God's decree, I'll open the front door and flip the sign to, 'open.'  Not sure. We'll see. Yes, I sure could use the extra funds but when most of my regular customers know I'm closed Mondays it's probably a waste of my time and overhead....still....

Phone just rang....and I made the mistake of answering the silly thing...guess what.

Now you know I'd never do that....

See 'ya later, maybe.