Friday, December 2, 2011

Do You Feel Sorry For Yourself....

If so read this story. Children are my Achilles Heel.


Why I Carry A Gun

Please, remove the children from the room, turn the volume down if you are at work. This, is why I always have a handgun on my belt and a battle rifle in my truck.

Take Notes:

Get it...

H/T PISSED & Billy Bob.


Little Bit Has A Twin

Melts my heart...

All children should have an AR under the Christmas tree this year.


Standing By to Stand By

I came in this morning, after I dropped off Little Bit, to write a nice long note. During our ride Little Bit asked me a very serious question.

Sadly, I haven't the time, and if truth be known, the will to write of the conversation since I should give it due consideration.

I'm tired. My sleep isn't all that peaceful to begin with, and business (thank God) has increased proportionally with the Christmas music and hung Holly.

The reason I'm able to post this note, you ask - my door is locked and I'm still at work on my first cup of coffee. So, please bear with me for a few weeks.

I will make an attempt, as time allows, to post little items as the day wears on, no promises. I must admit, Little Bit's question chews at me; I should write it before the conversation fades. Nothing bad, just a serious question from a rather serious little girl. I have taken a few written notes.

Take care.