Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Never Again

I shall never again spend a penny at Wal-Mart. Never did shop at Dick's Sporting Goods as I always thought of the place a metro-sexual joint.

Seems each has decided, as is their right, to pull semi-auto sporting rifles from the shelves.

Ragnar and Mel have rolled in their graves.


Bits & Pieces

It's here. Satisfy yourself to the idea of gun control, then deal with it.

Get thyself to your local gun store and purchase a battle rifle. Yes, I said battle rifle. The media refers to them as assault weapons. Also, deal with the fact 'high' capacity magazines will soon go the way of dinosaurs.

If you own (and you should) a basic battle rifle, like the AR-15 or M1A, twenty round magazines will soon triple in value. Handgun magazines over the ten round limit will be worth their weight in gold. Even ammunition, I fear, will see strict regulation. You've been warned.

Don't cry, fight. It isn't over yet but rest assured 'they' will win, with the blood of innocent children, to pave their path to complete victory. If you'd like an example take a good look at Great Britain.


Christmas finally arrived at my home. Sweet Wife took me by the ear and we went forth and purchased a fresh tree. She then insisted I climb into the attic and retrieve the heavy boxes of ornaments and then, get this, made me help her decorate the tree. She's mean that way....

Anyhow, now you know how I spent my weekend.


If you're not aware today is my 'Monday' here at the shop. The city has a work crew outside on an adjoining street hell bent on blocking my parking lot and the complete destruction of my business during this the busiest time of the year.  (example - I wrote the last sentence two hours ago.)

So far three members of the work crew have asked to use my head (restroom) and have each walked out with a cup of coffee.

It'll be a long week.


My best buddy, Duke, came by for a visit last week and left me with a jar of jam...he's so thoughtful.

He begged me for a plug of his blog...

And, he knows I always keep my word.

The Fuzzy Navel Jam went well with my Sunday morning toast and eggs. Thanks, Bubba.


Please forgive me the lack of edit...I just haven't the time.