Monday, September 26, 2011

Quiet Time

Today I shall rest and read. I've a few minor chores but afterwards it's me time. If the spirit of my muse rises to slap me a good one perhaps I'll post later this afternoon.  I've noticed a disturbing tread lately in the sleep patterns of Little Bit, on those nights she spends with us. I'd like to share my thoughts on my late night observations of Little Bit's dreams, but I need to think about it before I write of my fears. Or, if I should even worry. The great love one has of a child inflicts much damage at times, for those that take notice.

Seems much itches my conscious lately. Went to market yesterday and walked the isles and noted the price increases. A jar of mayonnaise for eight dollars...bread at three. This isn't a good sign. Inflation is eating us alive my good friends. Gold and silver have tanked due to the worries of investors in the European default possibilities and concerns of the EU dumping more currency in Greece; in order to raise capital to lend, banks must sell gold....bad stuff. Disturbing.

Time to jerk another cup of coffee and allow my mind to numb. Oh, and have you noticed the price of coffee lately.....better stock up. Coffee and ammunition should be stocked deep.

Rambling, aren't I. Sorry. See you later.