Friday, October 7, 2011

Slinging Lead

I'm off for the weekend. I shall see you good folks, hopefully, Monday or Tuesday. We're on our way to the Boar's Nest for some work, good food and range fun. I will also try out my new can of .45 ammo from LuckyGunner.

So, until then have a great weekend, stay safe and good night.


What's for Dinner

I bet you wish you were me about now....sorry. Just wanted to share.

Gunny food.


Good 'Ole Boy

I like this fella. He gives good advice on 'sighting in' his AR-15 too. Pay attention.

It works.


Old Glory

This is an early morning salute to you from my friend, Joe. Joe, or Senior Chief as we call him. Senior is a member of our group and a voting member on our counsel. He's honing his video skills in anticipation of our groups camping, range and work days this weekend out at our BOL.

He recently came into possession of one of those Swiss Army phones; has all those star war gadgets attached like a miniature swimming pool and out of those. He likes that kind of stuff.  Anyhow, he'd like to video a few of us shooting this weekend and has asked me to post the results here for your enjoyment. We'll see.

Salute, my friend.