Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lost and Found

I think I've mentioned my efforts in reorganizing my ammunition and reloading supplies. It's been awful hot out in the garage even with the door open. So I rush in to sort and stack then rush back out.

During one of my hot dashes I came across this bundle. It had fallen behind some ammo cans. Said to myself, "Self, what have we here...."

Self answered, "Well, you idiot, it's a bag filled with 7.62x39 ammunition loaded on stripper clips." Indeed, a bag of lost gold. One of my AK-47 clones will be very happy when the zombies attack.

I return to my labors. I stretch and tug and move debris from my path and reach down and pull out a plastic bag. Sweat drips into my eyes. I say a few choice words. Slap the bag down and I hear this 'clank.' I ignore it in a mad dash back inside for a tall glass of iced tea.

As I drink and soak in the cool air I remembered that 'clank.' Back in the heat of the demon garage I bend and grab the plastic bag. Self asked, "What have we now."

When the bag was opened, self smiled. Well I'll be damned, eleven (count 'em) AR-15 green follower magazines. Twenty rounders.

I own too much stuff.