Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We must shop, tonight.

She needs a new cell phone. Her Blackberry is old and gave her fits when she was on her road trip. Fine with me but I hate retail establishments. They have little boys with ponytails that float about in their loafers and girls with pink eyeglasses when engaged in conversation use 'like' as apostrophes.

As delicate as I am if I survive the experience without psychological damage it'll be a miracle.

I wonder if they barter as I have several nice squirrel hides.


Do You Believe

You're a true Survivalist. Have the art form down to a science.


Read, this.

If, after you've read this excellent post and you argue the facts you should join a country club, buy a poodle, and ask Buffy for a ride in her golf cart - because, Bubba, you now live in a dream world.


Sleep's Fee

Are they hidden in caves, secreted away eons past, these keepers of sleep's fee. I beg entrance only for a nights relief, in forfeit

My blood if asked.

I bow,

My wrist extended.