Thursday, July 19, 2012

When I'm Bored

Here at the shop I do one of several chores to keep myself busy and alert. I dust and clean the shop - a daily routine, or the ever present paper work. When these small task are completed and all else fails, and when I'm alone and I'm sure I'll not be caught in the act, I nap. Really though I'd prefer to read. But, if I'm not in the mood to read there is always Netflix, but to tell you the truth their selection of movies is extremely limited, at least for my taste.

Many days I'll simply grab my portable phone and take a walk around the building. The promise of found treasure gives me an excuse to scour the parking lot for dropped change, pennies mostly, which I take home and drop into Little Bit's silver fund.

To tell you the truth my favorite time killer is to simply break out my handgun cleaning kits and purge away the  grim and dust from my firearm. Recently, while browsing Gander Mountain, I came across a neat compact unit. Its the Kleenbore Pockit.

I know, fuzzy terrible picture but I'm not in the same class as Brigid.

When I came across these neat little plastic bundles I thought what a great item for my Get Home Bag. Just select the caliber of your daily carry piece. I grabbed both 9x19 and .45 caliber. I should have and will buy another in .40 caliber.

Each kit, obviously, is self-contained. Grab a bottle of Breakfree and you're set to clean anywhere anytime.

Simply unscrew the cap and the cleaning rod, bore brush, and other attachments drop free. See the red button, just snap in the cleaning rod and it locks into place.

Slick little unit. I tucked mine in a plastic bag with a handful of cleaning patches and a shop towel, along with a four ounce bottle of Breakfree, and dropped it into my satchel. Since I have a weird habit of switching out my carry piece I keep both the nine mil and the forty-five PocKits with me at all times.

Just never know when you're gonna get bored. Oh, they're not expensive...if I remember correctly each retails for less than twenty bucks. Here, check it out.

For your entertainment here's a video review of the PocKit.