Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Think About It

"It is not the goal of the Fed or the politicians to pump up the prices of real economic goods of any description. Since "inflation" is conventionally held to be rising prices of the essential goods which make or break real economies, the prices of these essential goods must be held down by any and all means. And foremost amongst these goods is anything that can or has been used as a medium of exchange in the past. Gold (and to a lesser but still considerable extent, Silver) are the curse of all interventionists. They are the alternative to the command economy and the eternal brake on the accumulation of the political power which those who command the economy lust after." - Bill Buckler, Gold This Week, April 7, 2012

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Followers, Why?

You know what I hate - followers that just disappear without reason. Why? What 'da heck did I write to get your panties in a wad.

Please let me know. Perhaps the reason you left will help me maintain my current readership.

Feel as if I've just gotten a butt load of buckshot.


Bits & Pieces

I was awake this morning at zero dark thirty. Felt useless so showered, shaved, dressed and was here at my office at zero dark thirty-one. I paid the mid-month bills and drank coffee and now I see the sun is well on its way to broil.

We had some really nice hard thunderstorms last evening. Must have received at least two inches of rain. The weather-idiot claims we're still six inches behind our normal rainfall. We need more, to say the least.

Thinking, thinking....nothing comes to mind. Insert picture....

I missed her so much yesterday I went to her school's website and found the above. She's on the left.

I have an apartment to furnish. Deposit has been made and I've the keys. This afternoon, when Sweet Wife is off work, we shall do some minor cleaning. Not much to do but we did purchase a leather Ivory love seat for Little Bit's mother and Sweet Wife wants to remove any minor stains. I'll clean the top of the refrigerator. Overall the apartment is beautiful, huge, hardwood floors. I do believe Little Bit and her mother will love it.

Business is awful. This depression has killed our economy. My business is at least, depending on the week, off fifty percent. If a yellow dog were to run against Obama, I'd vote for the dog. Then again, we do have a yellow dog in the race.

Time for coffee...standby.

Have you guys noticed the price of gold. Buy on the dips. Silver too. I read a history of the Denver Mint yesterday. Yes, I read it in one day. was very interesting. I'd give you the title but left the book at home. If you want it, yell.

Early this morning I grabbed another from my pile, its titled, 'The Power of Gold, the history of an obsession,' by Peter L. Bernstein. Pretty darn good read, so far.

Just rambling.

I haven't prepared a decent meal in days and days. I need to cook. When I find a dish that peaks my interest I'll post it.

A few seconds ago my door bell rang. Went out to answer it and it was a 'crack girl.' Here I am smack dab in the middle of a historic and university district and I have a hooker infestation. She wanted to know if I'd 'loan' her a dollar. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Bless their hearts, but come on, give me a break. They smell to high heaven. They're walking germ factories. And, someone's child....I feel for them but refuse to help their habits.

God bless 'em.

I was thinking about my weekend trip. I'll leave very early Saturday morning. I've an odd habit when I drive. I count. I keep tabs of all the road kill, not only their numbers but categorical as well. Such as, ten coons, fifteen possums, one deer.
I also count campers. I have rules of course - I only count those campers on the road, not those parked, only those RV's under power. This odd habit helps with the time and makes my drives much less boring. I will drive one thousand eight miles, round trip, in one day. The drive home I shall be followed by Sweet Wife and Birth Mother in BM's Honda. Should be very interesting.

Hey, gotta run. Please, take care out there. I'll see you nice folks later today, I hope.