Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just a Ramble

It's been a long and very hot day. I arrived home late and lazy so whipped out a quick dinner of sauteed porkchops, steamed fresh broccoli in stock with butter, and made simple, but tasty, stovetop stuffing from, all things, a box. 

She cleaned her plate.


You remember those survival packs from last week? I've given away three. You should have seen their smiles.


During the day, in between work, there are several blogs I visit daily. Here are a few I highly recommend.

If for some reason you've missed the return of my old friend, Harry, please amble over and say hello. If there was ever a man to take the mantle of esteemed master survivalist, it's Harry. His blog, Self Sufficient Mountain Living, should be required reading for all novice survivalist. I've personally known Harry for many years and trust me when I say he lives the life. If I ever need a foxhole companion, or a man to watch my six, I'll take Harry.

Then there's my friend, PioneerPreppy. His owns a farm filled with all things good and wonderful. He's witty, intelligent, and makes, I understand, the finest honey in the Midwest. He lives the agrarian lifestyle. He's such a nice guy he even allowed me to steal the following picture. Trust me, one visit and he'll become your new daily read.

Then there's, Jess. His sharp wit and dry sense of humor make for a fine read. While you're there take a close look at his fiction. Jess is good people.

If you live within the gun culture, have a deep appreciation of the Second Amendment, and a love of God and country then you need to bookmark my friend, Rev. Paul. Reverend Paul is my adopted spiritual guide. He writes wonderful prose of his home state of Alaska, his family, and of course, firearms. I believe him, special. Please, ride over and give him your attention and don't miss his Sunday morning notes or his fine header pictures. Never know, you might miss a sighting of a Moose in his yard.

This list wouldn't be complete without mention of one of my very best friends. This man is grumpy, loveable, wise, and far more intelligent than your average bear. He slurps down my coffee, is a fine engineer, rides a Harley, collects fine old firearms, and is a veteran of Desert Storm. His name is, Duke. We're personal friends and shooting partners so I can write anything about him and he'll agree because I've seen him climb from a sleeping bag and he knows I have pictures. (If you're interested send ten dollars cash or silver per copy.)

My only complaint with Duke is he doesn't write and post frequently enough for his fans. Please, check him out. 


I'll see you tomorrow. Happy reading.