Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Survival Gear Video

Just for the fun of it.

I like how well he's organized his gear. Mine is scattered all around my home, and out at our BOL.


The Bug Out Weekend

Our group had a nice weekend out at the Boar's Nest. For those of you new here, the Boar's Nest is the name we've tagged our bunkhouse/kitchen/storage building we constructed on pilings on a river bottom. It is our BOL. We spent a few hours slapping insulation on the ceiling and a few other minor chores then hit the range. In between we ate and played poker as the winds and rain kept cadence on the metal roof. We slept well.

Pictures in random order.

Above, my friend Duke popping targets.

Rain, all weekend.

Duke, making his famous beans.

Our dinner table. Oil lamps and handguns optional.

My good friend, Senior Chief, and husband of Jacked Up Glock Mom, in silent prayer breakfast won't upset his tummy.

Our friend and new aux member, Russell decided to test some storage wheat. He mixed it fifty-fifty with all purpose flour and made pancakes for the crew. I think Duke ate a baker's dozen. They were excellent. Thanks, Russell.

Then a night of poker. All in all, great fun, some hard work, but lots of great friendship.