Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cool Business

Our weather has finally turned cool. Forty four degrees this morning and I love it. We experienced fairly high winds yesterday with the result of lost power - at least where I live.

So, I cooked dinner by lamp light.

Not the best picture in the world and I know it's hard to see the lamp due to the glare. The lamp is old, kerosene, and I've owned it for at least forty years. I think I own at least ten more of the old girls...wick lamps come in awful handy when the weather turns foul.

It pays to limit your dependence upon electrical power.

Business is good which limits my time on-line. Hopefully I'll find a few moments later this afternoon to write and post, but please understand when one is self-employed and the opportunity presents itself one must stuff as many dollars in the mattress as possible...after all, I've democritters to support.

Until then, please, take care out there.