Friday, August 31, 2012

Very Good Advice

Aside from the fact I'm not qualified, it's important to understand I normally do not make nor give legal advice. 

But, due to the recent arrest of a former Marine and subsequent incarceration for 'psychiatric' review, I believe the following video very important to any American who exercises their God given right to self-defense. In short, if you own, carry or use a firearm in this country please take a few moments from your very busy life and watch.   

This video has been around the block but its message is timeless.

On YouTube you will find parts two and three. H/T, Survivalblog



My friend, That Guy, posted a cool picture of his new Coleman lantern last night. Since I'm on a Coleman equipment kick I made a comment to him I'd post other pictures too. I said I'd post photos taken of my Coleman 502 Single Burner Stove.

I lied.

This is my new/old Coleman Peak Backpack Stove made in Canada by Coleman. It's small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Burns white gas or Coleman fuel. With an adapter it will also use kerosene.

Notice the orange flame. She's in the warm stage. After about a minute she'll be ready to kick a pot of waters butt.

Now, she's a hot blue beauty. Ready to prepare your meal. It'll boil a pot of water in about three minutes.

I haven't as yet had a chance to unload and fire my Coleman 502. Give me a few days and I'll post pictures of her too. These little cooking gems can still be found on Ebay. Bid carefully and be aware of the shipping cost.

Seems I have a Coleman's addictive.

Remember, try and live by the rule of three.