Friday, July 31, 2015

Gunny Nightmare

Gun lovers worst nightmare. It does prove the AK-47 is still the best rifle ever developed for warfare.


It's Coffee Time

And, I want a few of these.

Oh yes I do. If you too want a Frosted Maple Drop, the recipe can be found here.

That is all.


The Horror

My friend Patrice just posted, this.

If you read the post and don't 'walk' away shocked, well, it's best you move to Mexico, 'cause they have far fewer problems than us.

You good folks should stack the beans and bullets kinda high...


Please Stand By

Soon as I get a chance I'll tell 'ya about my trash the moment time doesn't allow.

Mailman is here...and now he's gone. We do not share friendly smiles. His fault.

I'm grumpy this morning. Need to jerk another cup of coffee.