Saturday, October 22, 2011

Radio's for Survivors

When the weather turns cold and clear I get an itch to listen to my short wave. It's addictive. I have this thing for radios, short wave sets really turn me on. I can sit for hours and listen to the chatter of the world.

I own a new (to me) rebuilt Grundig Satellite 800 from which I can finesse signals from around the earth when the atmospheric conditions allow. If help is needed I'll attach one of my 'slinky' antennas.

If I feel nostalgic I carefully carry my old Zenith over to the table and extend its antenna. She's a beautiful Trans-Oceanic M500, carefully restored by an old friend. She has tubes (remember them) which glow a sleepy orange and carry voices of Europe and Asia to my little part of the world, news from their point of view without the slant of our current media's biased lies.

I also keep around a few portables, some rest in my travel trailer, others in our get home bags. Mostly little Grundigs. They come in awful handy for camping trips. If and when that 'day' ever arrives you should have one or two. A hand crank model too for when the batteries run dry.

News, information, is important when your life is on the line. If you don't believe me just ask the poor Jews of the Warsaw ghettos.

I understand Grundig, a German company, was recently purchased by a firm out of Japan...can't for the life of me remember it's name. Doesn't matter, the quality should be as good, though I doubt better. Seek out an older model, they're out there.

Above, a file photo of a Zenith Trans-Oceanic model 500. Notice the lid houses its removable antenna. You take clips and attach to the rear of the radio and extend the antenna or by using suction cups provided, stick the little sucker to a window in your plush rail car and listen to the world.

Just for slaps and tickles run over to Ebay and do a simple search for Grundig (or other brand name) radios. Many are listed in new and rebuilt condition. I feel everyone should own at least my humble opinion.

Do yourself a favor and turn off the television and broaden your horizons. Who knows, you might enjoy it.


It's Quiet and Cool

Good morning, my's early, the sun isn't even awake, my coffee is brewing and it's 48 degrees outside....I want to return to my warm bed.

This mini-depression requires otherwise.