Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Promise

I will try and write in the morning. I'm just so slammed at work; 'tis the season you know, and my time is limited. I had to close for a couple of hours this afternoon when my DIL called and asked if I could run pick up my Little Bit from school. She has a bad habit of catching me at the most awkward times. I'm sure she isn't aware how much money it costs me when I shut down my business. At least I had some extra quality time with my grandchild.

I'll be back.


New Sign, Part Two

Since my good friend, Duke got his panties in a bunch and confused about my intent, I've changed my mind and instead ordered this sign. Guess it's his time of the month.

This should clear any confusion.

Now, please allow me to get back to work.



New Sign

I just ordered for my shop....

Sometimes I can't help myself. I just love to tick off the liberals.