Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Sign, Part Two

Since my good friend, Duke got his panties in a bunch and confused about my intent, I've changed my mind and instead ordered this sign. Guess it's his time of the month.

This should clear any confusion.

Now, please allow me to get back to work.




  1. I just love the fact you have a tag; panties :D

  2. There is only one cure for that time of the month for men: football, whisky, and hot lead downrange.

    Unless one of those Nuva rings can work on men....

  3. Revolvers only?

    Just messing. Get back to work.

  4. Love the sign, where did you order if from?

  5. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. How about:

    Guns are Welcome on the premises.... Idiots are not.

    Would take care of the fine print explanation.


  7. Bluesun, I agree, it is better. Thanks.

    Phelan, huh, who? Me? No, no, no...but thanks anyway.

    JUGM, yeap, dug a little further and found a better one...thanks.

    Mudbug, good to have you back...whiskey, powder burning, and lead, not so much. Butt patting men make me stand back and grip my Glock. Thanks, don't be a stranger.

    That Guy, any weapon is welcome at my business...and work, up to my ears..thanks, my friend.

    Odysseus, as soon as I get a moment tomorrow morning I'll post the address for the sign. At home now and don't remember. I just goggled and found an online supplier. It's made of metal. Should look nice in the window. Thanks.

    Duke, no sweat. Hate confusion.

    PioneerPreppy, darn fine idea...thanks.

  8. Whichever. It's the thought that counts, right?