Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bits & Pieces

Our weather has turned intensely hot. Late yesterday afternoon a high of ninety-eight laughed at me from the shade and begged me to step outside and play. I graciously declined.

My mother in law called and informed me I haven't written a word in several days....guess I've been a baaaaddddd boy. I beg your pardon. Have I mentioned it's hot....


Last Sunday the rain moved into our area. Since outdoor work and play was out of the question I chose to take the afternoon and reorganize our 'get home bags.' Mainly my main medical kit. Since we both have GHB's I keep small and light med kits in each but I have one large medical kit that stays in my truck at all times. I transfer it and my bag to our SUV when we travel.

I've been remiss in my routine maintenance. Get home bags should be inspected seasonally, and medical kits (if you have one) are often overlooked.

 Above, here's a little kit I keep in Sweet Wife's personal GHB. I found the container at a local antique shop and just added the contents. I'm not a big fan of box store prepacked 'first-aid' kits. Save money and build your own.

See the two bottles at the top of the photograph, one contains aspirin, the other Advil. When I checked both were at least six years old. Not good. Dump and refresh.

Above, my main kit.

When opened it unfolds into three units.

Contents of unit three. I checked expiration dates and those expired I replaced with new.

Above, a simple surgical kit. I keep six types of sutures ranging from catgut to silk to a plain roll of sewing thread. To the left of the kit is an Israeli battle dressing. I keep about a dozen on hand.

Since we have a trip planned for the last week of June I also dug into our GHB's and did a bit of reorganizing. I'll give you a rundown in a few days.

Until then, stay safe out there.