Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's For Dinner

Tonight if all goes well, or perhaps tomorrow, if it doesn't. Either way, this is a 'slap 'ya mama' meal.

Shrimp Creole.

There are countless recipes for this dish but I highly recommend this one from Deep South Dish.

Enjoy, and until later.


AK-47's Found In The Firewood

And the idiot turned them over to the Russian police....story here.

A man poses with a Kalashnikov rifle seized in Northern Ireland, 1999 

Bubba, I'm here to tell 'ya, if I'd found these rifles, well, let's just say they'd never see the inside of a police station.

H/T to Frank James.


Shotgun Adapters

You may remember I've posted about the versatility of chamber adapters for shotguns and rifles and how I feel they should be utilized and are an important part of any survivalists preparations.

Seems Dave agrees with me.

I'll admit this is filler. It's Saturday and I'm busy. I may not post until this evening....such is life. My other post on chamber adapters can be found here.