Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Will happen.

Gotta love, pie.

H/T, The Iowa Housewife.


Goal Zero, for Vicki

Here she is Vicki. The little Goal Zero sits atop our kitchen table as she soaks the rays and zips life back into my portable power pack.

As the sun sets I'll adjust the panels.

She's upside down but will do the job either way. A very simple device.

Highly recommended.



I just took a walk around the shop. I have a patch of wild Blackberries out back and they are in bloom.

They give a scent to delicate to experience so they offer hope in the form of pure white flowers.

It's officially Spring, here.


Just a Wednesday Morning

And I have nothing. Oh wait, I can write about the rock on my desk. Nah, too boring. Or, the fact we have partial sunshine and bits of moisture, what many refer to as rain, and even the wet is sporadic.

My tax preparation is on hold until next weekend. What is it about taxes...every April 15th I want to place a sign in front of my business, kind like a badge of honor, which reads, 'I paid your rent, again.'

Skinny little girl just knocked. She's dirty, smells, and I'm sure her breakfast was a piece of crack. Poor creature asked if I'd 'loan' her five dollars. What's that old saying, "There but for the grace of God," yeah.

Said she had a line on a 'few' handguns, and for a mere five dollars she'd steer these lines towards me. Told her not to bother. I love the black market, really I do, but I'll not support her habit. Don't start with me over this....if for instance I knew, without a shadow of doubt, she'd take the funds and walk towards a meal, fine. I'd pay for breakfast. But we know better, don't we.

Besides, I'm poor.

Back to the black market for just a moment. I firmly believe if one is to make a living in this country you'd best hang a shingle and proclaim yourself an independent business. The dependance on employers is, in my humble estimation, a huge risk. Keep those funds on the down low. Fly beneath the radar. Barter. Screw the government....


My friends are supposed to meet here at the shop later this evening. Should be interesting. I thought perhaps for a change of pace we'd cross the street and walk the park. Critter hunt. Use one of the guys as bait. If we make the late local news I'll post a notification, tomorrow.