Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Want

When you are walkabout at your local flea market or garage sale and you find a lantern with this plate attached, buy it.

Here's the lantern...

Its a Sears lantern manufactured by Preway (Prentiss-Wabers) fairly rare. In this condition she's worth about fifty dollars (US) but I'd be a buyer at thirty.

Now, get out there and find a nice example....then send it to me.

I promise, when it arrives I'll dance at your next wedding....promise.


Really, I'm a Bad Boy

I've often written I read my Kindle in church. This isn't an endorsement of such behavior;  simply the facts of my short attention span during the service. To all you sinners out their - knock it off. Don't follow my poor example.

Anyhow, here's a picture I snapped last Sunday of my Kindle...what you can't see is Sweet Wife's tiny and gentle flicks to my side nor her elbow planted firmly in my ribcage - she's mean like that.

I was reading for the umpteenth time, Winter. (Or is it Deep Winter, by Thomas Sherry?) Google it if you're interested. Again, sit straight and give full attention to the minister. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Hey, beats my behavior as a teen when in church I'd smuggle copies of Henry Miller novels into church. My mother never had a clue.


Good Morning

Busy, busy, busy here. This is my payment for yesterday's slothful attitude. I haven't time to read, write, or even stand here and appear beautiful as much as like to try and do so.

If you've asked why the new header....the group and I will wiggle our way to the woods next weekend for steaks, a nice campfire, and of course, range time. If the river rides high, maybe we'll catch a few catfish.