Thursday, March 21, 2013

At Least Say Hello

First full day of Spring and our weather is cool and bright. Tomorrow it will be, August, or at least feel like it. When our weather turns warm it sticks around for a long, long, time.

Good morning, my friends. When I logged on I spotted a reader from Eastwood, New South Wales. Thanks for reading, now, say hello why don't 'ya.

Beautiful country down under...


Yesterday a yellow cab pulled into my driveway. Lady jumps out and runs to my front door. I let her inside. She walks in, breath labored, tears.

She begins, "Please, Sir. I be caught this cab from my home. I'm on my way to the hospital where my husband is about to have surgery and when we arrived here I realized I'd left my wallet at home. I've got to get to 'da hospital and I don't have any cash. (catches her breath) Please, Sir, can I be have thirty-five dollars?"

She begins to wiggle. Jumps in place for just a second. One of my customers gives a chuckle.

Me, "Dear lady, first of all the hospital is six miles south of here and you would have had to pass it on your cab ride to this location. Secondly, your home, if I understand you correctly, is fifteen miles further south of the hospital. Why, on God's green earth, did you ride so far north to ask for cab fare?"

Her, blink, blink.

Then, "Well just f*^k you, you piece of s*it white man."

She then turns and slams the door on her way outside. Didn't even say goodbye.

At least she tired.


Today, I hope, I shall bundle this pile of federal tax forms and even larger folder of paper and deposit it on my new accountant's desk.

Perhaps now I can truly begin to enjoy our freshly given Spring.