Thursday, October 18, 2012


I stepped outside this morning to a nice stiff breeze off the river and turned to face it and loved the cool of it and how it pushed the scent of the marsh into my senses. It felt good, and mellow, which made me feel ripe with age, subdued.

The wind held steady and I noticed the tails of the Spanish Moss drifted east with the help of the westerly breeze as the palm fronds rattled. Rain is near.

The shell has cracked and I like it.

Last evening I worked late out in the garage, tinkering. I've repainted the gas tank of my current project three times. Never satisfied with the last result. It must be perfect. I'd allow the paint to dry then like a man obsessed apply fine steel wool to the finish and repeat.

Then, "Sweetheart, leave it alone. It's beautiful," she'd say.

I caught myself smiling, as did she.

She's perceptive, that way.


jambaloney, the grapefruit are almost in season. Standby.


Our group meets Saturday. It'll be nice to once again see all my friends. We've much to do, and clean

I just remembered the flood also took away my air mattress. It was one of those 'self-inflating' expensive suckers. Another item to replace. Perhaps, instead, I'll just make do with the cheap foam pad I used prior to the nice on my back air mattress. Man-up, if you will.

I expect to see both Senior, and Duke out there. And, I expect them to pack me a lunch and drink as I'll drive out straight  from work. Don't forget....

And, make sure it's hot.


My coffee awaits. Think I'll take a stroll around the building. I can hear the crows scream my name.

Take care,