Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trapped In Purgatory

I closed my business this afternoon and made my way home with the thought of a nice afternoon nap. Silly me. Sweet Wife had other plans.

I begged, said please at least six times, went the bent knee routine. Offered to give a back rub of any duration. Tried a bribe...nothing worked.

I was 'volunteered' as bodyguard for her shopping trip to the 'fancy' upscale mall well the hell and gone over yonder on the other side of the city. Shopping, just shoot me now. Then, she explained why she wanted me to ride shotgun. I changed my attitude and mind.

Seems last evening two local armed democritters jumped, beat and robbed a nice lady in the parking garage of the 'upscale' mall. She was airlifted to the hospital...and my Sweet Wife watched the local news coverage and even though she is licensed and has been trained by me refused to shop alone. I don't blame her...besides, now I had a chance to go hunting...could be fun.

No boogers approached us....I stood around, waited. Nada. She said, "Well, would you approach you."

So, I was trapped in Purgatory. All - darn - afternoon. My feet began to hurt. I complained as there was nothing, nothing at all to shoot. She bought me a lemonade.

I did sneak away for a moment and purchased her some boots for Christmas...some brand called 'Uggs.' Expensive little suckers.

Above, she's has me on a leash as she shops for Little Bit and Sport Model. I stood behind with her six covered.

You'd think the locals would at least come out and play....

Next time I'll call my friend Duke, maybe between the two of us we can scare up some fun.


Long Nights

My nights of late are long. Sleep and I aren't friends these days. I refuse medication for a mere brief and light caress of sleep's momentary peace.

I type this as the clock moves a few seconds beyond five a.m., my second cup of coffee is bitter. I'll schedule this waste of words to post later this morning; my promise of a post - even one as sorry as this effort.

On a happier note my son took Little Bit to visit Santa. I was shocked. Needless to say Little Bit loved it. Here is a picture from his cell phone....not the best quality, but proof none the less.

Seems Santa makes rounds at local car shows.....

Cool here this morning. No wind of which to speak. I need to burn a few pounds of gun powder. Alas, another day at my little business.

I'll see you nice folks later this evening, God willing.

Take care.