Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks & Welcome

To my new follower and friend, danontherock. I promise to always reply to your comments.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

To my other friends, please run over to and visit our new friend.

Dan, you are now among friends. Again, thank you and welcome.



I'm sorry I cannot be with you this evening, but please know you own my heart.

It is impossible for you to remember when I held you in my arms and walked you up and down the beach, you but a baby. You pressed your little lips to my ear and mumbled sweet baby tunes to my heart. That was the evening I knew I'd love you all your life.

When you were five the light of intelligence glowed within, and you such a wispy and happy little girl. 

At ten your appetite for literature confirmed and solidified my love and pride for you.

Then, a blink and you are now a beautiful woman. 

Our time has always been brief. Little visits here and there, a few moments to chat, exchange ideas, books, politics. Now, you are almost beyond my reach.

I miss you.

Merry Christmas.

Your Uncle Stephen

'Tis The Season

It's too warm here for the season. I want cold weather. Just glanced out at my thermometer, 63 degrees. Bah, Humbug.

Look what followed me home last night, little booger jumped into my truck and said take me home. I gave her a loving caress and she's now all toasty and snug under the Christmas tree waiting on Sweet Wife.

Here she is while fully dressed.

And naked.

House sure was quiet last night. So I wrapped my few personal gifts to Sweet Wife and placed them under the tree.

Not sure why but when I'm alone I feel little need to cook meals. Stopped at a fish place for take out and found myself reduced to eating fast food fish. Awful isn't worthy of its description.

At one point last evening I noticed my cat, out on the deck, at a fast back and forth pace in front of the French doors. I let her inside. She ran. I followed. She arrived in front of my family room chair and deposited a live baby squirrel on the seat.

Baby squirrel sat up and gave the place a once over. Cat smiled. Baby squirrel, I swear to all that's holy, did a little round about and settled in for the night. Sucker went to sleep. Cat continued to smile and rubbed my leg. Perhaps she felt this my gift for Christmas. I told her good girl but baby squirrels are not in the same class as veal. Then again.

The little squirrel fit into the palm of my hand. Big round eyes, long tail, tiny. I gently took the tiny creature and placed it back outside.

Wish I'd thought to have taken its picture.

We all fall from the nest time to time.

I miss Little Bit.