Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two Good Days

She's in the kitchen, singing. I like that. She's happy and content after a nice meal. I made her favorite, my sauteed fish with an onion and wine sauce served with rice. Fresh asparagus steamed in olive oil, butter, red wine vinegar with just a tab of butter.

Business at the shop has been good for the last two days, too. Me, all smiles. The rain has given us a brief break. With luck our trench foot will heal.

Now for a quiet evening of soft music and a good book.

If the urge hits I might sneak over to Ebay, or some other site, and try to find a piece of old silver.

I face a ton of yard work tomorrow. After this weeks storms I need to climb back onto the roof and blow the pine straw and leaves and broken limbs back to ground - clean the gutters too. The grass needs to be cut and bailed. If you have need for hay, call me.

I feel so good I might accompany my wife to church in the morning. Really, it's possible. I'll call ahead and give warning. It's unsettling when the candles flicker and dim when I enter the sanctuary. I'd hate for some old lady to faint.

Then I wouldn't feel this good.