Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

My dear Julie, I didn't forget about you this morning....just scatterbrained today. Thank you and welcome to my humble blog. I promise to always answer your comments. Really I do. It might take me a few hours, or days, but I shall answer.

My friends, Julie has a nice blog by the name of Jigsaw Thoughts. Please, drive over and have a cup of tea or coffee with her.

She's one us - she likes guns. She's also from Down Under, nice Australian lass.

Again, Julie, thanks and welcome. You are now among friends.


Bits & Pieces

Allow me first to say I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday and I haven't as yet had a chance to answer all your nice comments. To say I've been busy would be an understatement.

Things did not go as well as we expected yesterday. As a matter of fact it was an old fashioned 'cluster f*&k.'  I will not explain all the gory details. I'll just touch the highlights. Little Bit's father panicked after the school's principle called him (thinking he was helping the situation) and told our son of our morning appointment. Our son borrowed funds and hired an attorney and sued Little Bit's mother for an injunction, barring her from removing Little Bit from the school's campus. He thought she (the birth mother) had plans to take her out of state. This wasn't her plan. He wasn't aware BM had moved here permanently. 

Little Bit's mother was met at the school by a process server. The injunction barred her from taking Little Bit off campus for a visit. In the meantime Little Bit's father kept her from school and fled. We do not know the whereabouts of our grandchild. The state is actively in pursuit. The principle of the school wasn't aware she wasn't in attendance. He held his head in shame.

Needless to say I have an appointment with our attorney this morning and will fight this legal battle in the name of Little Bit's mother.

I fought another battle with myself last evening. I wasn't sure if I should or should not share the details of this incident, then I remembered this is a journal, of sorts,  for Little Bit. I'd even written an email to kymber, my sweet friend, and told her I was not planning to write publicly about this mess. I truly hope one day Little Bit forgives the pain she has had to endure from the awful actions of her parents. We, as grandparents, suffer for and with her.

I sincerely apologize that you, my dear friends, must read these awful details.

On a brighter note I've just received word Sweet Wife has called the school and Little Bit is in attendance and my wife and Little Bit's mother will have lunch with Little Bit today. It will be the first time she has seen her mother in over four years. Wish I could be there for the happy occasion.

Again, thank you all so much for the blessings and prayers you have sent our way.


Thanks & Welcome

To my two new friends and followers, Suerte and Scott McCray. To each of you, thanks and welcome for following this, my humble blog. I promise to always answer all comments.

Both Suerte and Scott have blogs, so please, take a few minutes and run over and say hello. Just click the links above and let's all jerk a cup of coffee and chat.

Again, my new friends, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.