Friday, September 7, 2012

The Ugly Pink Walther

She just bounced in off the street - a working girl, and laid the ugly pink Walther P22 on my desk. She said, "I don't know if its loaded. You want to buy it?"

It was loaded.

I asked her price. Her, "Give me a hundred and its yours."

I must have a hole in my head because I gave her the hundred after I checked the bore, gave it a function test - it passed. Hey, I'm a capitalist, so sue me.

Thing is, its pink. Pink with silver highlights. The is a drag your butt in the mud slap ya mama ugly handgun.

Some dude will make his wife or daughter happy some day soon - when I find a willing buyer. Or, I just might throw it in the safe for my granddaughter.

Blurry picture is my middle name.




Just a quick one....I am truly sorry for my post of yesterday. It was not my intention to make so many, so sad.

I only wanted to report a brief, and for me shocking, glimpse of my grandchild. It caught me totally by surprise. It also ruined my day.

Thank you all for your kind and wonderful support. I have tried over the last few months to keep such reports and post to a bare minimum, and shall try to continue in this vein.

Please, bear with me.

Now, back to our regular programming...