Friday, July 22, 2011

Get Ready

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Before I begin let me state for the record any book I post here is for research purposes only. Do not, I repeat, do not purchase these books (if you can indeed find them) and use the information found within. They are only for reading enjoyment and to further your education.

Many years ago I lived in western Washington state.  One day out of the blue I received a book catalog in the mail from a little publisher in a neighboring coastal town.  Obviously my address came from a subscribers list.  I subscribed to close to a hundred book catalogs. Many of my older readers will remember book catalogs, not so much with you younger folks.  The name on the catalog was Loompanics Unlimited. When I first read the catalog I thought to myself, "Is this stuff legal, and if it isn't, I want these books." I'm weird that way.

One of the authors listed within was Ragnar Benson. This man and I, I came to realize, were kindred souls. The publisher's number was listed on the catalog, I called. Had a brief conversation with the publisher, a nice man, small company, and before long I had not only ordered four books but was given the true name of Ragnar Benson (his pen name, which I'd never reveal as he still writes) and thus so grew another collection of wonderful books and hours of fireside reading.

I own many, but not all, of his books. Many of his early works are out of print and are very difficult to find. Oh, trust me, they are out there, just difficult to track down. Many states, those controlled by Socialist and as such no longer a part of our country, outright ban their sale. This alone is enough reason for me to find and own them. When a state tells me I can't own (or do) something, well, they've just shown their willingness to tinkle all over my/our Constitution.

I have holes in my collection because I'm one of those guys that collects first editions, when possible. If you search hard enough you will find those out of print editions. Most will be found listed on the used market at places like There you will find fifteen (15) pages of his books, paperbacks. One used copy, as I write this, is listed at close to $300.00, that's used remember, but most can be had for less than thirty dollars. Some of the very rare works, when they hit the market sell well north of a thousand dollars. Remember, it's the contents for which you're bidding and the prices are high.

Allow me once more to remind you these books and their contents are dangerous. If you have any military background at all you should understand. If you are a novice and have never had experience with weapons, explosives, traps are any of the other subjects on which Ragnar Benson writes, do not try at home. It will hurt you.

Here is a very small sample of my favorites.  Remember, many of these are illegal to sale and own in many states. California comes to mind.

Please excuse my poor photography, I took these picture with my cell phone on my desk.

Any man or woman with a set big enough to try and make C-4 on his kitchen stove will get a handshake from me.

Loompanics Unlimited was finally sold in 2006 to Paladin Press. It was a sad day for me but I thought Paladin would do right by their authors. I was wrong. The government, as is its nature, began to put tons of pressure on Paladin because of law suits filed by those in pink clogs with their sweaters draped over their shoulders with its arms crossed over their skinny little chests. Some fool read one of the books published, used the information and went out and killed a man.
They blamed the publisher.

One day I purchased a Ragnar book at one of our local gunshows. On its cover was a red tag. The red tag stated Paladin Press does not endorse or intend for the contents to be used for criminal purposes, the information inside is for information purposes only. It went on, Paladin Press will cooperate with law enforcement investigations. In other words they'd tell the alphabet agencies you purchased the book from them.
They lost all my respect. I understand why the tag was attached, but sorry, I'll buy on the black market.

Ragnar Benson has written on many subjects. He has a style all his own. Many of the subjects are very current to today's world events and should be on your library shelves. For instance.

A fine read if there ever was one.