Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like a Moth to Flame

I'm drawn to silver. Not only is it a wonderful hedge against inflation, but it feels good. I like its heft. As of late I've adjusted my investment away from pure silver rounds and bars to the currency of Old Mexico. Vintage Mexican coins contain anywhere from ten to ninety percent silver. Always check before you buy.

The beautiful old coin pictured was minted in 1952 and contains (as you can well see) .72 percent silver, or at today's current spot, just over eleven dollars worth of silver. Adjust for Numismatic value and you have a twenty dollar (or more) coin. This coin was minted in Mexico City as indicated by the mark, Mo. Its weight is just over 27 grams. An ounce of silver weighs 31.1 grams.

Here's a link for the silver conversion tables of Mexican silver coins. If you'll scroll down the link you'll also find tables for other countries as well.

As long as silver remains below thirty dollars an ounce I'm a buyer. Trust me, one day you'll wish you had a small leather pouch filled with silver.

Have fun.


On This Day

So far, it's been a good day. We've both taken the day off and have explored. She allowed me (yes, allowed, gave her permission) to browse a coin shop, one of the largest gold and silver dealers here in north Florida. I spent a bit.

I was given gifts, after a nice breakfast.

Why, you ask....well, about thirty-five years ago today my mother reached and gave my father a slap to the face. He said, "Ouch. Why'd you hit me?"

She replied, "Because you knocked me up."

He blushed. It was their first time at this baby making business and he wasn't sure of himself.

Then she said, "Now, take me to the hospital." Around noon she gave birth. I came out and said, "It's about time."

The nurse fainted.

(Really, joke. Okay, maybe a wee bit more but not much.)