Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Survival Stuff from Dave

Just for the fun of it. I like Dave Canterbury's videos. He has a some neat wilderness survival tricks.



Unexpected Visit

My guess is she'd waited across the street, over where the city bus empties its load twice a day. I'm not sure but she'd probably kept watch on the shop; timed her arrival between customers. Like I said, not sure because I was unaware of her until she hit my shop's door bell.

I buzzed her inside. She wore an old funky coat, jeans, and flip-flops, bare feet in 26 degree weather. She had a death grip on a shoulder bag, clothe, dirty. Her hair was dark brown, shoulder length. She'd been pretty once in her life.

I said,  "Good morning, may I help you."

She stood quiet, looked around. Then, "Ah, is there anything I can do for you to earn some money?" She avoided eye contact, seemed fidgety.

Me, "Not really, young lady, this is a one man operation." I sized her up, tried to guess her age. Thought, sixteen, seventeen. My judgement of women's ages isn't all that great.

"Are you sure. I'm good."

In return, "I'm sure." Took a chance, "How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Does it matter."

"Well, not really. Have a good day."

In a blink she came back with, "If it'll help I'm sixteen." Score one for me.

I'm not big in the patience department. "Okay, young lady, really, what do you want, a hand out?"

"Sure, but if you don't want to give me a few dollars I'll (preform a service) for you."

Sign of the times, perhaps. Yet, I set the blame squarely at her parents (or lack of) feet. She's now a throwaway. She'll probably, without help, die young.

What's happened to this countries children....

I scooted her out the door with five dollars. Out into the cold. God bless her.


What Am I

To the first person that can identify this nice old rifle, one big fat 'atta-boy or girl.'

Hint - she has a 26" octagon barrel and is chambered in 32-20.

Be my guest, take a guess, and don't cheat and smack the picture with your cursor....


Shotguns for SHTF

My best friend, Duke, has just written a nice article on shotguns for self-defense. He hit the mark, check it out.

Tell him Stephen sent you....he'll get the joke.


The Union Creek Journal

This is my second post introducing this story. I think The Union Creek Journal is one of, if not the best, on-line story I've seen in many years. So, if you missed my first post, here's your second chance.

Do yourself a favor, sally forth and read.