Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Afternoon

Sorry I didn't write an update last night but yesterday was hectic, to say the least. On my way out the door for my afternoon with the doctors and nurses I heard an awful sound. Do you guys and girls remember the water line leak I had last week - well guess what.

I dialed the plumber as I drove away and told him his repair didn't hold. Informed him I wanted water before I came home last night. He said, "I'll try."  At the doc's office the nurse asked why my blood pressure was so high.

So, I get to his office twenty minutes early, take a seat and wait with soul searing patience. Finally the nurse, all cheery and chatty, screams my name. She takes me to a room and I sit there for one solid hour. Thank God for Kindle. I arrived at one forty-five in the afternoon....left at five. I kid you not. At least I had water when I arrived home. I forget the author of the famous phrase, 'It's times like these that try man's soul.'

kymber, my dear lady, as requested, here's your picture of the soup I built yesterday.

As many of you know I am the founder of a group of like minded individuals. We're all veterans of our country's various military services. A great bunch of men and women. For the last year we've met once a month. Lately we just call our monthly meetings, work days. I, nor Duke, for obvious reasons, could make this month's meeting/work day.

We, as a group, have under construction what we call, The Boar's Nest. Its a combination storage/bunkhouse/kitchen constructed on stilts located far out in the boonies on a beautiful wild river.

Last weekend the guys, without mine and Duke's valued help, finished our power connection. We have lights....and a freshly painted ceiling, in white. They did a great job. Wish I had a photo to share. Well, I do but it's an older picture of a few us on our quest for treasure taken last year. Duke is that big fella on the far left.

Above, a rare picture of yours truly. I don't like cameras. For the curious it's a Glock 27 in my old Galco SOB holster. I remember it was a hot sweaty day and I'd jerked my shirt tail out, and yes, the trousers are old woodland camo. I live in Guy Harvey shirts.


This morning on our way to school I look over to find Little Bit with the trucks visor mirror pulled down and her reflection under careful study. She turns this way and that and smiles. I finally asked, "Honey, what are you doing?"

She turns to me with, "Papa, I'm wearing my new lipstick, and now I'm pretty, and it's pink."

Seems her Nana gave her a stick of that lip balm stuff for her birthday. The brand is geared towards little girls.

I don't know, ask someone else.


"Yes, Honeybun."

"Aren't I pretty?"

"You have always been pretty to me with or without that stuff."

She smiles at me. Then, "I know Papa, I just wanted to make sure you still knew I was pretty."