Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's The Little Things

I'm standing outside my son and DIL's home waiting for Little Bit. It's a Friday afternoon and she has been granted permission to spend the night with her Papa and Nana. I hate waiting, but it's worth it.

Finally, she runs outside and jumps into my arms, our little ritual. It makes my heart swell with my love of her.

Then her mom steps outside and yells, "Little Bit, you've forgotten your nightlight. Don't you want it?"

She turns in my arms, "No mom, I've got Papa."

It feels good to be someone's nightlight...


A nice older gentleman came into the shop this morning with an old Marble's Shotgun Cleaning Kit. He said it had belonged to an even older man that had passed. My friend and his wife helped settle the old fellas estate.

According to some research my friend had conducted on the internet the kit was at least 60 to 70 years old. I don't dispute it. The Marble's company played a big part in my youth. My father was an officer with the Florida Fish and Game Commission, and an avid outdoorsman and shooter, as such he always had a few Marble's outdoor catalogs scattered around our home.  I cannot remember a home in which we lived that didn't have an attached gun shop. I was literally raised with a firearm in my hands, a few of which had sets of Marble's famous peep sights attached.

So when my friend walked in this morning with this old shotgun cleaning kit the memories came flooding back and it felt good.

This next shot is of a tube of lube oil. My friend said his research revealed it to be Whale Oil. I will not dispute his word. But I also can't state for fact it is indeed Whale Oil...maybe one of my friends, out there, can help.

Here is a can of solvent. The print on the can is upside down on purpose. The nozzle of the can is below my thumb in this shot.

Above, cleaning patches. The kit is in excellent condition.

I miss Marble's.