Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Enough Is Enough

Now I'm telling 'ya, if these fools do this and mess with my Thanksgiving morning Macy's parade, I'm all for kicking some butts. Enough is enough.

These people need my size 11.5 boot up their collective rearends.

WARNING: Take the children from the room, one of the democrats uses foul language.


Modern Day Redneck and The Bathroom Wall

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This is a promotion by my good friend, Modern Day Redneck. The project is for a worthy cause. Trust me.

The cost is only $10.00. It's worth it if for nothing more than getting your blog some advertisement. He'll be crafting your sign by hand and he does quality work. He has a large following on his blog, and his farm is visited on a monthly basis by Dallas, Texas locals. The signs will be posted next month. Please, lend a hand and on behalf of my friend, I thank you.


It's The Little Things

This morning on our drive to school.

"Papa, turn the radio off. I only want to hear my Papa talking to me."

"Excuse me?"

Her, with a miniature adult stern look thrown my way. "Papa, I said to turn off the radio. I mean it."

Back at her, "Young lady, mind your manners."

"Papa," She crosses her arms, turns slightly in her seat. Lowers her head a bit and again with the stern look. "You should always do what I tell you."

I think about her response for a second. Not liking the direction of this conversation.

"Little Bit, perhaps you should rephrase what you've just said to Papa."

Silence. Then, "Oh, okay. Please."

Much better.

All men should know their limitations.