Saturday, May 5, 2012

When You Think

Life has you down take a close look at this picture.

Taken February 1939. White migrate worker ironing in tent camp in Harlingen, Texas. Photo by Russell Lee for the FSA.


Good Morning

Just a short note to say, good morning, my friends. As you know my shop is open Saturdays, and today, I hope, will be busy. 71 degrees at wake-up. Gonna be a hot day.

After work I have plans. I need to shop for a new pair of sneakers. Basic black. None of those weird 'basketball critter shoes for me. Just black, low sneakers. I need a new pair and Monday is my scheduled nuke stress test. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please. Then, or maybe prior to the shoe shopping trip, I want to take a close look at the Subaru. I've done my homework. Even paid for a years subscription to Consumer Reports (which I might never use again) and this looks like a good deal. If.....

We will have our grandchildren this evening. As I write Little Bit is probably watching cartoons with her Nana. Should be fun. Oh, Little Bit whipped my butt at Monopoly last evening. She's learned the trick of houses on her properties. She also asked if we had enough change saved for a silver swap. So, this afternoon we shall also run by my friends Gold and Silver shop and Little Bit will choose either coins or bars for her next purchase. She keeps her silver in Papa's safe.

Minor note: I have been by everyone's blog over the last two days. I didn't leave many remarks but please note I cruise the internet between work. It's hard some days. Just wanted to let you know I do indeed read your blogs...I appreciate each and everyone of you nice people.

Now, please excuse me while I jerk another cup of coffee. Until then.