Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coffee Time

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and I wanted a cup of coffee.

So I baked a chocolate cake.

My first. When it cools I'll apply chocolate icing.

Hey, when you want a cup of coffee and a snack and the wife is busy at work you'll learn new skills.

Hope its good.


Irish Potatoes and Heritage

Allow me, please, to show you the birthplace of my grandfather.

This is Hope Town, located in the norther Abacos of the Bahama Islands. Hope Town, a beautiful harbor, was founded by my grandmother, Wyannie Malone. It's a long story, Google it.

If you were to amble around the town you'd notice my family name stitched, stamped and painted everywhere. We also have a family museum wherein a picture of my grandfather, Ben, hangs. All of us are descendants of Ireland.

I come from a long line of shipbuilders. My grandfather captained a sailing vessel and I have it on good authority his favorite dish was a hash of potatoes and ham.

So, in honor of my grandfather (and St. Patrick's Day) today I'll build his dish.

Anyway, my family holds a huge reunion each August. I hope to attend this year. It bugs Sweet Wife as she's never seen the island.

Above, note the 'Malone,' it points towards Malone Beach. My father once owned Malone Beach until he gave it over to the British for taxes back in the late 1950's. I've never forgiven him.

Time to cook.


From One Irishman

To all others,

Have a great day.