Friday, August 26, 2011

My Friend Duke

My friends I'd like to introduce all of you to my friend, Duke. He's a personal friend of mine, lives in my city, we shoot together, and is an all around nice guy. He's veteran, like many of us, and I'm sure has many stories to share.

Please, drop by and say hello and tell him Stephen sent you. Another gunny is always nice to have on our sidebars. Please, give him a boost and click his 'follower' button.

Thank you., again, thanks.


It's Time To Cook

Just called my favorite Seafood Market. They have crayfish tails in stock. Frozen, but beggars can't be too picky.

In a couple of hours I'll run by and get my Little Bit for the weekend. We'll hit the market, the produce stand for the trinity (onion, bell pepper and celery) then its home to quick thaw some shrimp stock. Before long the house should smell awful good. Wish you could join us.

I give you Deep South Dish's Crawfish (or Crayfish, depending on where you're located) Etouffee.

Have a great weekend.


Our Morning Weather and Little Bit

Hurricane Irene sits just off shore this morning and she is making liars out of our weather forecasters; as if that's a new story.

Here is a shot from my truck as I was taking Little Bit to school. If you look closely at the horizon you will see the deep dark clouds. Those clouds are over the Atlantic and are just a few miles away.

Below is another view from Little Bit's school. Mere seconds after this picture was taken a series of wind gust exceeding 40 mph accompanied by waves of rain hit us.

Just before the principle of Little Bit's school opened my truck door she asked, "Papa, do I get to stay in my new school all year?"

"Yes, Honey, why?"

"Because I just love it, Papa."

I drove away with a smile on my face. Her attitude makes all our financial sacrifice seem puny in comparison.

Yes, I know her hair was a mess when this picture was taken. Her mom needs a good butt kicking.