Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The doctor asked me to drop my trousers. At the top of my left leg is a swollen hard red knot about the size of two softballs. Doc said, "Wow."

Then he said, "Bet it hurts." Doctors, I understand, are considered intelligent.

Bottom line, I'm sicker than I first thought. I'm on three antibiotics, one shot into my hip.

All I want to do is sleep.

I'll live.


Bits & Pieces

I feel my age this morning. I hurt. Somehow within the last few days I've caught an infection. The doctors office awaits. Anyway, I'm sure the doctor will prescribe one of his miracle pills and by the end of the week I'll feel like my old self.

According the the calendar it's winter here in Florida. It lies. Warm and humid out this morning. Fog as thick as cotton candy. I hate it. We've had, maybe, three days of winter this season. Climate change, don't 'ya know.

I came in this morning with an idea for a long post. Not gonna happen. Maybe tomorrow, or tonight. Just can't get comfortable. Mild headache.

Rambling, aren't I. Sorry.

There is an outside chance Little Bit's mother, her birth mother, will visit on Little Bit's birthday next month. That is if the stars are in alignment, the earth's crust doesn't shift, and purple rain showers develop out over the Gulf of Mexico. Little Bit hasn't seen her mother in over three years, so I'm not sure how I feel about this visit. What effect will it have on my grandchild when she has to say, goodbye.

Her mother has promised so much over the years and, as is her way, failed. She never follows through. This hurts Little Bit. I hope this isn't another. Little Bit is so excited. Her mother called Sweet Wife a couple of nights back and her mother and Little Bit spoke for close to an hour. She asked what kind of cake Little Bit wanted for her party. They spoke of gifts. Her time of arrival and by which means. Little Bit was jumping up and down with glee. Her mother lives in North Carolina. She has her problems, which we pray she will someday overcome. She really is a sweet person. But, she has her demons.

There is a hole in Little Bits' heart. It needs to be filled. I'm just not sure her mother is capable.

Sorry for the sad tone this morning. Like I said, I don't feel very well.