Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

To my French brother in arms, Manfred. My friend, I promise to always answer any comment. Please, make yourself at home.

Manfred writes the blog Armes et tir passion. Click and visit. It is, of course, written in French but just reach up and hit the translate button. He has a passion, as his blog title states, for all things gunny. Please, he'd enjoy a few American followers.

He has tagged his web with the above flag, the French Red State Flag. Should give you an idea of his mindset.

Again, Manfred, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Even though I'm a direct descendant of the soft land of Ireland (second generation) I seldom celebrate the day. I do however enjoy the attention it brings to my forefathers.

It has been said, the only thing holding the Irish back from ruling the world is liquor. No truer words were ever written.

I hope you have a nice one. Hey, easy on the booze tonight.