Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Are You Reading?

Here is my current read. The Billionaire's Vinegar, a true mystery about a bottle of rare wine owned by Thomas Jefferson. You?


Next week I will purchase a .22 Crickett for Little Bit. My friends and I have plans for Independence Day; a cookout and range time to sling lead at various objects and targets. We're lucky as we have a private range.
Since my grandchild is now six years old I feel it's high time she learn basic rifle handling techniques and weapons safety. I was far younger when my father gave me my first firearm; didn't hurt me a bit.
One of my best friends has two little boys, the oldest of which will also take our safety course, it'll give him and Little Bit a chance to burn a few holes in a soda can. They should have fun.


Traffic here is awful.