Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Our weather is broken into moments of rain washed away by interludes of heat and humidly. Its so old and tiring. I want the cool winds of Autumn that promise crisp mornings with the tang of woodsmoke and bacon.



Business here at my little shop has been brisk. Not complaining, mind you, this is very good. One day last week I flipped the sign and didn't sit once for twelve hours. This leaves me little time for my pleasures. Just so you know....

Then, nada.  Go figure. Over the years I've had many ask, in their words, "What's your busiest day?" As if I had the ability to read human nature. So, I'd give the a day of the week, any day, as an answer and it would, of course, make me a liar. If I'd have said, Tuesday, they'd walk in the next Tuesday and the place would be as still as a tomb. Now I just say, 'yesterday.'


Many of you will remember I had an accidental glimpse of my Heart a few weeks ago. Then, one or two afterwards.

Nothing since, and believe me, I've tried. I've waited for as long as forty-five minutes, parked away, out of sight and hidden as best as possible. I do not understand. I've neither seen her nor her father's vehicle and do not know how she is taken to school. I suppose it's possible I've been spotted and know for sure if this is the case he's had her transferred. I've since ceased my subterfuge as I'm sure this is only making her little life more complicated and painful.

I haven't spoken of this to my Sweet Wife for the same reasons. 

Our life without our grandchild isn't the same. The holidays approach. At our house Halloween will be dark, lights out. Maybe a turkey breast, if I'm in the mood, at Thanksgiving. Christmas, well for the first time in my memory might pass without a tree. Why bother. Unless, by some miracle of God, He reaches down and makes a great change to the soul of our son and his wife.

I shall break one of my promises here and now....

Just because I miss my Little Bit so very very much....

Papa loves you, Honey.


I need another cup of coffee.