Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Good News

Windham Weaponry: Bushmaster Reborn

Bushmaster Firearms International has long since ceased to be a separate entity, in spirit if not legally. The company has been folded into Remington and the Bushmaster name is now just one of Remington's many brand names. Today it was announced that Bushmaster founder Richard Dyke has formed a new company called Windham Weaponry. The new company has purchased Bushmaster's former manufacturing plant in Windham, Maine and will employ nearly half of Bushmaster's laid-off employees. The company plans to ship its first rifles in September.

This is great news for the laid-off workers and their families.

A Tidbit

Still too busy to write a longer post; Father’s Day kicks my butt. Just put on a short pot of coffee and the smell is driving me nuts for a fresh cinnamon roll. What makes summer afternoon storms and a fresh cup of coffee go so well together, just a thought.