Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bits & Pieces

It will be a hot day in the River City. With the rain we've received the last three days, humid too. Our temps are expected to be well into the nineties. I miss Winter.

I've fallen in love my Para P-12. Yesterday I hit the internet and ordered two extra ten round magazines. After a good bath my little girl sparkles. She's fairly easy to field strip. Those folks in the frozen north of Canada are indeed some fine engineers. Every few months I like to switch out my carry piece. Boredom, I suppose.

Early next week we have an appointment with our new, yes new, attorney. I shall place a bundle of cash upon her desk and hope for the best. We are optimistic. The state gave our son's wife, Little Bit's step-mother, a drug test. The state is very tight with information and will only say they found evidence of drug abuse, pain medication. Further explained we should have our attorney contact them and the state will 'help' in our case.

I've tried, as is evident in my post, not to write of my pain over the fact I haven't seen my Heart in over four weeks. All communication with my son has been severed, on his end, which leaves me in the dark as to her condition and mindset. I'm completely unaware if she is being mistreated or the condition of her health. Sweet Wife was able to speak and see her for a few moments at Little Bit's school. She said Little Bit had lost weight and appeared scared and confused.

Trust me when I state it takes all my will power not to drive over to my son's home and not kick down the door. Surely God must have a plan....

I miss her.

(Little Bit, if you read these words in the near future, please understand I love and miss you and am doing all possible to return your life back to normal. Please forgive us.)

Our new attorney is an expert in the field of child visitation and custody. I'm told she is quite the Barracuda in court too. She'd better be, she's darn sure expensive.

Oh, before I forget. Our family attorney was the man that put the bug in my ear concerning Grandparents Visitation. Five seconds into my conversation with our new lawyer, she said, "Sir, I hate to break the news to you but the state of Florida ruled, in 1998, that Grandparent Visitation Rights were unconstitutional."

I fired our attorney and have asked him to return my retainer. Haven't heard a word back from him. Sigh....


Ah, coffee. Last night we had another hard thunderstorm.  At midnight I witnessed it from my front porch. Beautiful light display.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote he'd seen every sunrise in his life. When I first read those words they gave me pause. It's taken me five decades to truly understand, and I don't drink....

At 0300 I flipped on my short wave and listened to the world. Here, in Florida, the airwaves are cluttered with Cuban and Mexican programming. If one is careful and fine tunes it is possible, with good skip and luck, to tune in European broadcast signals. It keeps a person's mind busy, and I find it peaceful, too.

Yesterday, when the afternoon business slowed, I came back to the office and hit Netflix and pulled up all the Jesse Stone made for television movies. I like Tom Selleck. He's a gunny. Are you aware he owns and lives on a working avocado farm....or at least that's what I'm told.  Anyway, I enjoy his handgun and rifle techniques on the show. What I really enjoy is Jeff Beal's music. It's haunting.

Great waste of a couple of hours. Give it a try.

Other than this series I find mainstream networks a waste of time.

I need to cook. Thoughts of seafood flutter about my thoughts. Maybe dirty rice, or perhaps a big mess of Cajun Pilaf. Not sure, but I bet it happens soon.

I've also promised Little Bit's mother I'd make her my world famous Sausage Garvey and Biscuits, next Sunday morning. (I need to give Little Bit's mother a name for blog purposes. Any thoughts?)

Even thought Little Bit's mother is one of those North Carolina Yankees and I'm sure my spicy concoction will render her helpless for hours she might just enjoy the flavors. We'll see.

Hey, I need to get to work.