Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun With Black Powder

Here's a neat trick for 'that' day. One or two old single barrel shotguns (and a double) should always be a part of your firearms collection. Be careful.



The Day After

Not sure about you but I'm tired. It's been said by some that Thanksgiving is their 'favorite' holiday, which is understandable, but for the person in the kitchen on their feet for most of the day, I'd bet it isn't.

I was that person yesterday. I'd begun my preps the evening before; took it easy, put my stock to simmer, chopped my vegetables and herbs. My 'mise enplace' saves me a good hour of work on the big day. Sweet Wife helped a bit but truthfully the less people in my kitchen the better; most just get in my way.

Even Little Bit tried to help. She was able to spend Wednesday evening and Thanksgiving day with us. She had a good time. When she approached asking if I needed assistance in the kitchen I, or course, said sure. Kitchens with their open gas burners and sharp knives (and trust me mine are very sharp) are really not good hang outs for children. Anyway, she helped Papa with the turkey prep. Ever seen a little girl with both hands covered in semi-melted butter rub a turkey breast....then, wipe her face.

I was in the kitchen from 0800 until well after feet hurt.

I'm at the office now. Just opened the shop because the media said I should and I've heard talk of Black Fridays....we'll see. So far it's very quiet. The coffee is on and I've just jerked myself a cup, so come on down and join me. We'll chat, shot the poop, tell tall tales of days gone by when our blood still ran rich and hot.

Just received word via text that my good friend ShooterSteve proposed to his girlfriend yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner. My understanding is he shocked the heck out of her and she melted and said yes. I'm very happy for them. May the Good Lord bless them both.

I'd like to leave you a picture taken yesterday just after Little Bit had her hair done by her Nana. She was all proud, told me she was now my little Bohemian. I glanced at her Nana for an explanation, all she said was, she takes after you, she reads. Oh well.

You guys have a great day and I'll see you later.