Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Not sure about this's a 38/357.

I suppose with the added suppressor and sub-sonic loads it'd make a fine crittergetter. Just not to my taste.


What He Just Said...

Bayou Renaissance Man just posted a must read...if you are concerned at all about your almost worthless Federal Reserve Notes, get over there and read his new post.

It's time to lock and load my friends.


The Blog Of The Week

I'm telling 'ya, to pick the one blog of the week I feel meets my criteria of a good well-rounded blog isn't easy. Yet, here I've found one. This very intelligent young woman writes under the tag of Heroditus Huxley, which I'm sure many of you already know and love. If the name throws you, then Google it.

Our blog of the week is theantisoma. Her commentary is as sharp as a knife very well written dragon biting down to earth kick 'em in the butt stuff.

And, she's a gunny. Wing it over and bookmark her blog to your list and you'll not regret it. Her blog isn't receiving its due credit. Help her out.